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Shaun Grondin

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What to do? What to do? [Nov. 14th, 2007|12:22 pm]
Shaun Grondin
Ordinarily, I am a candid, even verbose individual, but this is a particularly sensitive time for me, so I will try to remain brief. We have reached a juncture at which I, the recipient of this mind-blowing oral sex, must make some kind of statement that is both timely and appropriate. Unfortunately I am uncertain how to proceed.

Clearly, I don't want this blow job to stop.

This is a very delicate matter. Everything has been going fantastically, and the last thing I want to do is to spoil a particularly good blow job by saying the wrong thing. But what to say? Silence is not an option, since she's likely to take that as disapproval. Or even apathy. No, it's settled. I have to say something and I have to say something soon.

It was so much easier at the beginning, when all that was required was a few moans here and there, and the occasional "ooh, yes." The protocol was clearly defined, and we were both in a comfortable spot. Now, however, even the slightest ill-timed expletive could spoil it all. Therefore, I must aspire to be more guarded, more eloquent.

I briefly considered going with "do it," but that sounds a touch derogatory, if not clichéd. She'd think that I was unoriginal or, worse yet, stupid. And who wants to fellate a dullard?

Then there's always the well-worn positive-feedback route. I could wait until she does something noteworthy, and let her know it by saying, "Oh yeah, that's it." But she actually might take that to mean the rest of it wasn't good, which is exactly the opposite of what I mean to convey. Or what if she feels like I'm giving her orders? I don't want her to think the guy she's fellating is some kind of domineering prick.

I should compliment her. Somehow. "You give nice blow jobs" seems too formal. "You suck it so good" seems too cheap. After all, this is a lady. On the other hand, perhaps she likes that kind of thing. Who am I to judge? I should have asked her before we started. For God's sake—where was your head, Shawn?

Maybe something simple, like "You look beautiful with my penis in your mouth." No, that just seems, well, inappropriate is one word.

Why does getting sucked off have to be so complicated?

I don't know how other men do it. It seems to come so naturally for the guys in the videos. I suppose I should play off our shared interests. I could sing a few bars of that song we both like! It would be kind of a shared musical experience. Oh, who am I kidding? I can't sing, and something from Jesus Christ Superstar is vastly inappropriate for this setting.

I should have gone down on her first. That way there would be a set of mutually agreed-upon guidelines to follow.

Time is quickly becoming a factor. Any minute she could look up at me expectantly, and if that happens, I'm liable to blurt out something completely irreparable. And if I freeze and say nothing, she might become plagued with self-doubt, thinking she's done something wrong.

I could cut the tension with a joke, although I'm not very good at telling jokes, particularly when being orally serviced. Besides, I would probably lose my erection if she started laughing, and then where would I be?

I'll just touch her head. But not without asking permission first. Or not.

This could turn into an utter fiasco. I can't even count how many times perfectly good blow jobs have been ruined by a deficit of tact. I still haven't heard back from the woman to whom I unfortunately yelled, "Touchdown, Vikings!" And the time I tried out "Suck that creamsicle, suck it till it melts!" was misguided. I guess we all have our regrets.

Wait, I think I may have it: It's ribald, but not obscene, with an edge of wit. Why didn't I think of it before? It's brilliant! Oh, Shawn, you've outdone yourself this time. Okay. It's now or never.

Well. I'm afraid that point is now moot.
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Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac [Nov. 30th, 2005|04:13 pm]
Shaun Grondin
Just in case anyone doesn't know, I recently was promoted at my job and now sell New and Used cars at Nurse Chev. Cadillac in Whitby.

If anyone is shopping around for a car, or knows anyone who might be in the near future, feel free to drop by the dealership at the corner of Dundas (HWY 2) and Thickson road anytime to see if we can work something out.


You can also e-mail me at shawn.grondin@billnurse.com if that is easier.
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Meh... These Things Happen [Apr. 2nd, 2005|12:31 am]
Shaun Grondin
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Rise Against - Dancing For Rain]

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My VISA Weekend [Nov. 3rd, 2004|12:59 am]
Shaun Grondin
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Rise Against - Dancing For Rain]

My Halloween weekend went as follows…


Friday: Get picked up after sorting out too much drama for me (which is any) at Williams. Pile into car. Drive to Waterloo in about 1.5 hours. (Good time!) Get there, get settled. Get pelted with apples? Weird. See Frawley… this causes Shaun to melt, as per usual. Go do a little bar hoping in the evening. Go to a bar called Paddy’s. Drink many Guinness. Live band plays Matchbox 20 tune. Live band doesn’t know words to said tune. Live band sees Shaun singing the words they miss. Live band calls Shaun on stage to sing for them. Shaun becomes part of live band for the night. Left Paddy’s. Went to the Silver Spur. Karaoke bar. Had good time. Shot a lot of pool. Went home. Changed. Tried to watch “girl next door.” Everyone passed out.

Saturday: Wake up. Feel like a big bag of smashed ass. Everyone piles into car (all 7 or us.. into a Carola.) Go for breakfast. Come home, shower. Girls all flip out. "But you knew it was gonna be a Visa weekend Kyle." Guys say “fuck that shit” and go for a walk. Good times. Come home, watch Poker, play most intense game of crazy 8 countdown EVER! Kyle on 7's... Adio on 2's... KYLE WINS! Weird. Get into costumes. (Frawley was a Playboy Bunny… Shaun Kyle and Adio collapse) Go to Pike house. Sucks. Ash stays… Bitch move. Everyone else goes to Spur again. Have amazing time. Get inside. Not easy when dressed as a 40 of Old English. Me, dressed like Angus Young from AC/DC is requested to air guitar. People love it. :-D. Adio sings Ghostbusters with guy dressed as the green lantern. (Fucking Black Guys.) Shaun is MOST sober at last call. Shaun drives home. Shaun makes pit stop for subs. Crazy Sub Fairy buys us all subs. Sweet. Get home, change. Start playing euchre. Adio and Shaun decide “let’s grab the 60 of Jack Daniels and the Mickey of Vodka and go for walk. Leave building, see Frawley coming home. She’s sexy, as always... and smashed. Shaun lets her be alone in apartment against better judgment. Adio and Shaun walk for 3 hours, See Frawley's ex. Funny guy. Run into a Chinese guy that barely speaks English. Adio insults him by telling him "if he ever runs into a Chinese guy named Brian, tell him Adio say's Sup?" Drink lots of booze on walk. See flashing lights. Adio and i run from cops... still drinking. Decide to head back to the apartment after booze is gone. See guys that are cracked out on some bench in a field. Run into Frawley's cool ex again in the same spot. Run into Frawley leaving the apartment in the same spot. Very weird. Get inside. come home watch Pearl Harbor. Pass out.

Sunday: Wake up. Feel like a big bag of smashed ass... again. Everyone piles into car. Drive around Waterloo for an hour trying to find fast food joint that accepts Visa. Give up, drive home. Get home. Go online. Spend 10 minutes online. Find out I’m now going to Peterborough. Realize I went cross province on this day. Shower. Get back into Angus costume… that smells like ass. Go to Peterborough. Meet Sharon. Have fun. Walk around Peterborough. Realize zombie walks have potential to freak me out as much as babies do… so… a lot! Buy most hyper-active decaf coffee ever. Drink said coffee. Go back to Sharon’s dorm. Make friends with her entire floor. Play a very invigorating round of Girl Talk. I think I won? Damn right! Watched some Foamy Cartoons, watched Salad Fingers cartoons. Came home.

Conclusion: I went to Waterloo with a 6 pack of Keith’s. Spent $23.72 all weekend. Got drunk every night. Went across the province on Sunday. Came home with a 6 pack of Keith’s AND a Vex…

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